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Innovative capability and modern production techniques /

The particular strength and potential of »Schmits-Mettmann« lies in uniting our experience and innovative capability, extensive expertise in construction and individual tool manufacture with traditional craft and modern production techniques.

Everything under one roof /

  • Initial concept
  • Component analysis
  • Material selection
  • Component construction
  • Prototyping
  • Tool manufacturing in own tool making department
  • Manufacture on modern production systems
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01 / Solution-oriented construction

We consider ourselves to be a competent consultant and active partner in your development process. We find functional solutions in close coordination with you. In doing so, we value cost-effective and efficient production. Cooperation begins with the formulation of a requirements profile. Afterwards, our engineers develop the corresponding components in modern CAD workplaces. We produce all tools, equipment and special machines using our own tool manufacturing process.

August Schmits - Stanz- und Umformtechnik

02 / Highest-possible customer satisfaction

All activities of our company are designed with one objective in mind: The highest possible customer satisfaction and a zero-error strategy. The way to achieve this aim is a consistent orientation with regard to the highest possible quality. All processes are included in our quality assurance system which is certified according to IATF 16949:2016. This documents and archives the quality of our products and services in every stage of proceedings.


Stahlband für Stanzteile auf Coil

03 / Qualified and motivated employees

Innovative ability is based on the use of resources and the technical competence of the employees that bring their talents into the process. We consistently encourage this involvement. Our employees have many years of experience and are highly qualified and these qualifications are updated to the most recent standard through further education. Each individual is loyal to “their company” in their own special way and takes on responsibility for the shared success.

Umwelt AS Metal

04 / Environmental responsibility

We are constantly improving our products and processes whilst taking environmentally friendly solutions into consideration. In doing so, we ensure a balanced relationship between economic and ecological use.



Geschichte AS Metal

Founded on 10/07/1929 in Mettmann

On 10/07/1929, the »August Schmits Metal Factory in Mettmann«, also called »Schmits-Mettmann« was established by August Schmits. Simple pressed and stamped components were initially produced there, and August Schmits had already established contact with automotive suppliers by 1932.

Historie AS Metal

Constant growth

The volume of orders and machinery grew constantly, such that a production facility could be built in 1951. The machinery was continually adapted to reflect the current requirements.

August Schmits - Mettmann

Our infrastructure

Constant turnover growth and increasing requirements of a modern production facility necessitated the construction of a factory with updated infrastructure in 2011.